Shahrzad Trading Co., is the sales agency of Pistachio in a variety of Kalleh Ghouchi (Jumbo), Fandoghi (Round), Akbari (Super Long), Ahmad Aghaei (Long), Badami  Long) and Kernel.

Delicious Pistachio nuts are as a symbol of good health and have been valued since ancient times. Nuts are rich in beneficial nutrients that are essential for health. The Pistachio is a dried fruit, a member of Ancardiaceae trees and the genus Pistachio that are known as Pistachio. The average width of mass trees is originated in the Mountains of West Asian Region. There are various species of this tree and the most common species are planned with commercial purpose. Please note that the price varies according to the type and size of pistachio. The measuring of Pistachio is by ounce.

Fandoghi Pistachio Commercial Name: Round (This is the major Pistachio which is usual for export purposes) Size: 26-28, 28-30, 30-32

Ahmad Aghaei Pistachio Commercial Name: Long (This Pistachio is the favorite of East people) Size: 28-30, 30-32

Akbari Pistachio Commercial Name: Super Long (This Pistachio is the most expensive and traditional among all kinds of Pistachios) Size: 22-24, 24-26, 26-28

Kalleh Ghouchi Pistachio Commercial Name: Jumbo (This Pistachio is the favorite of East People) Size: 22-24, 24-26, 26-28

Badami Pistachio Commercial Name: Long (This kind of Pistachio is almond shape) Size: 28-30, 30-33

Kernel Red lips and Cream kernels are obtained from breaking down the closed Pistachio Nuts. Green Kernel is used as flavor or color for ice cream and confectionery and other food products.

Stained shell Pistachio They are in different types such as Opened Shell Pistachio Nuts, Mechanically Opened Pistachio Nuts, Roasted In-Shell Pistachio Nuts, Salty Roasted In-Shell Pistachio Nuts and Salty Roasted In-Shell Pistachio Nuts with Lime Flavor.